“That person is unscrupulous because she belongs to the dash* community” Such statements are made by all of us who have fallen into the habit of stereotyping. Superficiality is immanent in our society which is why we inveterately categorize people just because of the actions of few people. For those incognizant, statements made to identify persons based on the social or ethnic group they belong to is called stereotyping. Essentially, this is an error in perception, is largely demeaning and is due to our inability to discern people, events and facts. How often have people ridiculed fat people for their physical appearances saying they eat all day or are lazy with no exercising. We are killing the very fabric of their self esteem. Have we ever realized that most obese people have some kind of malfunction or disease?

The preconceived notions we have about many seem to push them to behave in a fashion we dread exactly. I always dislike men who are very fair (this is no allusion to any race) which is based on my opinion that they are arrogant and mean. Whenever I get to meet these men, my unintentional rude behaviour induces them to give off bad vibes and I’m quick to conclude that my perceptions are accurate. On the contrary, they appear to be entirely different in their discourse with others.

Gender stereotyping are common occurrences as well and has become a social norm too. The most common attribute ascribed to a woman is jealousy and men are blamed often for being selfish and not sympathetic. To top these, we have popular beliefs like “Women are better communicators / managers than men.” It’s not always so. These baseless stereotyping must stop as it is the fundamental reason for most cultural and identity issues.