Words and gestures have a profound impact, so be wary while using a word or showing a gesture. It enthralls to give and receive words of appreciation / kindness but could be killing when words are used with the intent of belittling someone. Every time we speak, we must be careful with our choice of words if at all we want to be empathetic. Surely none of us would like to be a raving maniac. As all of us are subject to enormous pressure and only the fittest can survive these days, we tend to get angry with people and situations. It’s normal to be angry but the anger should be short lived and should not lead us to harm others while venting our feelings. There was a time when I always reacted when faced with alarming situations or erratic people. Just a few months back, I blew up my neighbors and called them by all possible names, which I’m sure would be a rude awakening to anyone who comes to know of the kind of words I used. I had been accumulating my feelings for seven months when I received those disparaging remarks from them and one fine day I couldn’t control myself any further that I began to use very filthy language to abuse them. But honestly, though I thought I succeeded, it didn’t make me feel any better. In fact, a sense of guilt enveloped me and it was only then I realized the power of words. Although reparation has been done and the guilt has also been overcome, what has been said remains as being said. That day I made up my mind to talk less and to utter words carefully.

Gestures, if you’ve ever thought about them, amplifies the impact of words rather than merely enhancing the quality of speech. When you’re words are in conflict with your gestures, the latter becomes predominant. So when you see someone to whom you hold a strong dislike or the very sight of whom upsets you, do not show any gesture of contempt such as sulking etc. as it can have several connotations and could be more wounding than words. Next time, you want to use words and gestures, make sure it builds relationships or at least does not disintegrate them.